Pitching on Camera #ProTips – Intentions

Pitching an idea or product in front of a camera for the first time is not easy, but luckily for us there are many ways to improve our communication.

Today’s focus is how to communicate “intentions.”


A full transcript of your pitch is always useful as it can help you in maintaining a trace of all the points you want to touch, and calm your nerves, but it can also be perceived by your audience as dry and robotic.

A nice and easy way to solve this issue is to use intentions; you can do this by using verbs or action words that exemplify the goal of your video the best e.g. amuse, excite, educate.

If you want to have a strong impact on your public, choose strong verbs and be specific. You really don’t want to communicate the wrong message by mistake.

If you want to maintain the dynamism of your presentation, you could also try to find a different intention for every section of your video. 

If that’s not possible, choose one intention to drive focus on one particular message.

In general, keeping things simple and clear is the best way to deliver a strong message with impact, and will help you keep on track. Your presentation will also seem heartfelt in the eyes of your audience.

Watch our video on Intentions, ft. The Pitch Process, and see how to apply the technique while on camera!

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