Transform Your Videos with Horizontal to Vertical Video Conversion

Elevate your video content effortlessly using Cerebriam Studio's Horizontal to Vertical Video Conversion feature that helps you create platform-specific content and embrace the possibilities with landscape to portrait video conversion, Wide to tall video transformation, or 16:9 to 9:16 aspect ratio conversion to make your videos more accessible.

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Unlock the Potential of Horizontal to Vertical Video Conversion by Cerebriam Studio

Horizontal to vertical video conversion lets you seamlessly convert landscape videos to portrait videos, tailoring them for diverse platforms . Cerebriam video editor saves your time by producing both horizontal and vertical versions simultaneously while maintaining your visual aesthetics to enhance their visibility and engagement.

With this horizontal to vertical video conversion, you can effortlessly transform your videos to suit various platforms and aspect ratios, ensuring your content looks professional and engaging no matter where it's shared. Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of manual video editing and embrace the ease and efficiency of Cerebriam Studio's innovative tool, allowing you to save time, maintain quality, and captivate your audience across different platforms.

How to Convert Videos from Horizontal to Vertical with Cerebriam Studio

Upload media to website icon

Upload video clip

Upload the horizontal video clip you’d like to convert to a vertical video clip. You can return to the upload page and add more clips to the same project later.

Select your target social platform

Select your target social platform from the menu at the bottom of the screen, and you will be given a selection of aspect ratios, including horizontal, vertical, semi-vertical and square .

Render video icon

Compose your 9:16 vertical video

Compose your vertical or portrait video as you wish, placing the frame wherever you wish and adding zoom where appropriate. When you’re done, press the “Make” button.

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Mastering Horizontal to Vertical Video Conversion

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Effortless Landscape to Portrait Transformation

Unlock the potential of your horizontal videos by seamlessly converting them to vertical with Cerebriam Studio's horizontal to vertical video conversion feature. Whether you need to change from wide to tall, adapt your content for different platforms, or perform an aspect ratio shift from landscape to portrait, our tool simplifies the process. With a few clicks, you can ensure your videos suit the unique requirements of each platform, optimizing engagement and reach.

Efficiency and Flexibility Combined

One of the key advantages of Cerebriam Studio's horizontal to vertical video conversion is it's remarkable time-saving. You don't have to spend hours editing and resizing your videos for each platform manually, flip video dimensions to portrait, or convert horizontal videos to vertical manually. You can do all this in a few clicks thanks to Cerebriam Studio’s unique patent pending workflow created to help you save time and, reach a wider audience and enhance user experience.

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Preserve Quality, Enhance Visibility

Our advanced technology preserves the visual quality of your videos during the conversion process and ensures your content looks stunning and professional, whether it's horizontal or vertical. Additionally, the switch from horizontal-to-vertical video adaptation means that your videos will be more visually appealing and better suited to mobile devices, enhancing visibility and engagement.

Convert Your Horizontal Video To Vertical

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Horizontal to Vertical Video Conversion

Cerebriam Studio’s horizontal to vertical video conversion feature allows you to effortlessly adapt your videos for portrait orientation, making them visually appealing and user-friendly on mobile and social platforms.

Yes, our tool lets you create both horizontal and vertical versions of your videos simultaneously, saving you time and effort in post-production.

 Our software’s unique workflow and tools are designed to help you save time where possible and make custom edits where necessary. In the case of text, you can position and size it as you wish for each of your aspect ratios – which means no key textual information need ever be cut off during the aspect ratio conversion process. 

No, Cerebriam Studio’s horizontal to vertical video conversion renders output video in 1080p, which is a high-definition video with a small file size and is, therefore, ideal for social media. 1080p HD preserves video quality, ensuring that your content remains crisp and professional.

You have complete control over the aspect ratios and dimensions you want to create, allowing you to tailor your videos to your specific needs and preferences.


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