Webcam Recording with Cerebriam Studio

Recording video via your webcam directly into a video editor streamlines your content creation process. Easily eliminate the time consuming process of importing and convert files from different formats. Regardless of your location, device type, or operating system, if you have an internet connection and a browser, you can capture video with Cerebriam Studio. Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. Support for Apple iOS and mobile Android is forthcoming.

webcam capture with cerebriam studio

All About Simplicity in Webcam Recording

Webcam video capture directly into an editor allows you to monitor and adjust the quality, framing, and lighting of your video in real-time, ensuring the final product meets your standards.

Additionally, you have immediate access to various editing tools, allowing you to tweak your video as soon as it's recorded. Everything happens directly in the Cerebriam Studio platform- making your content creation simpler and faster.

Here's How to Record and a Video via Webcam

Upload media to website icon

Login to Cerebriam Studio

Login, and click through to the upload page.

Webcam recording on Cerebriam Studio

Record video

Press the record live button. You must grant the Cerebriam Studio application permission to access your webcam for live capture to work. If you’d like optimal quality video, plug-in an external webcam before hitting the record button

Select aspect ratios

Once you have completed your live recording, you can select your target social media platforms, or aspect ratios, and hit upload. Your live capture will be created in multiple aspect ratios, ready for you to edit in the Cerebriam Studio online editor

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All That You Need To Know about webcam recording

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Save in the Cloud and Access Anywhere

All your live captures, as well as any pre-recorded video you wish to edit, will be stored online – saving you diskspace on your local device, and ensuring that you can access the media whenever you wish, for multiple different projects. Be assured knowing that your video files are encrypted while stored in your library in the Cerebriam Studio video editor.

AI Tracking: Keeping Things Professional

With Cerebriam Studio’s AI based person tracking you can ensure you remain in the frame for different aspect ratios, even for your live-capture video. Once you’ve completed your live capture simply select the tracking option, and use the tools to compose a frame around the person you’d like to track. This individual will be tracked within the frame, eliminating the need for manual camera adjustments, while ensuring this person remains in focus, irrespective of their movements. This not only streamlines the production process but also provides viewers with a stable and centred perspective. Especially in environments where unscripted or spontaneous actions occur, AI person tracking ensures consistent framing, reducing the risk of missing key moments.

AI tracking a person dancing_Cerebriam Studio
edit video, photo, sound and text on cerebriam studio

Save Time and Effort

Cerebriam Studio saves you time and effort by ensuring you can record and edit your videos in one place. There is no need to jump between apps, or upload and download videos. You can do all the video recording and editing within the Cerebriam Studio online editor.

How To Record Your Video With Webcam Recording

Loved by professional and newbie creators alike. Try the Cerebriam Studio Webcam Recorder

Why not try it yourself!

Webcam Recording

Most  laptop webcams are low resolution and do not offer the most optimal video quality, especially for occasions which require sharp, high-definition video such as professional meetings, online learning, or content creation. Using an external 1080p webcam will make a significant improvement, since these devices are designed to capture video at a higher resolution and generally come with better lens quality and more advanced features. The Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam has been a popular choice for many years.

Cerebriam Studio will render all your video project, featuring both live capture and pre-recorded clips as .mp4 files. While the browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari) based webcam capture may initially record as a .webm file extension, Cerebriam Studio will convert this to a .mp4 when it outputs your video.

The Computer Vision based person tracking in the Cerebriam Studio application is optimised for people walking around, or dancers moving left or right. The tracking performance is real-time. If there is no movement to track then it’s always better to use the composition tools without tracking as video cropping on its own is faster than video cropping with tracking.

Yes, you can edit videos directly in the Cerebriam Studio online editor. Specifically, you can trim audio and video, remove audio, create a dedicated audio voiceover, add background music, control the volume of each sound file, add animated text, and add photos

Yes, the webcam recording feature is user-friendly for creators of all levels. Simply press the live capture button, give permission for the Cerebriam Studio application to access your webcam, and you will see the camera view of the webcam i.e you will see what the webcam is pointing at.



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