Easy Conversion to Semi Vertical Video with Cerebriam Studio

Easily transform horizontal or vertical videos to semi vertical videos with Cerebriam Studio. Our innovative composition tools enable you to adapt your videos to a different aspect ratios including semi vertical which is also known as 4:5. Semi vertical video enhances user engagement and viewing experience, by optimally utilizing mobile screen space.

zoom, convert, and crop to make multiple aspect ratio videos

Unlocking the Potential of Semi Vertical video

The semi-vertical aspect ratio is a versatile video size which is incredibly popular for mobile consumption. Whether you're creating fashion or beauty, foodie or cooking, sports and fitness, educational or training content, the semi vertical 4:5 aspect ratio is a video size that is impactful and engaging. Semi vertical video occupies approximately 2/3 of a standard mobile screen, making your content unmissable.

With Cerebriam Studio, adapting your videos to the semi vertical format is a breeze. Our user-friendly interface simplifies the conversion process. In just a few clicks, you can optimize your content for any format, ensuring that your message stands out on every platform that matters to you.

How to convert to semi vertical video

Upload media to website icon

Upload Video

Upload the video clip you'd like to convert to a different aspect ratio. You can return to the upload page and add more clips to the same project later.

Select Your Target Social Media Platform

Select your target social platform from the menu at the bottom of the screen. You will be given a selection of aspect ratios, including horizontal, vertical, semi-vertical, and square. Choose semi-vertical.

Edit video on Cerebriam Studio

Compose your desired video/videos.

Position the frame(s), apply zoom if needed, and once satisfied, click "Make" to produce your composed video clip(s).

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How semi Vertical (4:5) video Transforms Your Content

zoom, convert, and crop to make multiple aspect ratio videos

Commanding Screen Presence

The 4:5 semi vertical video commands viewer attention by occupying 2/3rds of a mobilescreen space, minimizing peripheral distractions, and allowing your content to shine. It subtly compels viewers to follow the content sequentially from top to bottom, enriching the storytelling and enhancing engagement.

Emphasis through Editing

Cerebriam Studio's editing suite, featuring tools like zoom, and crop enable creators to enhance content within the 4:5 semi vertical frame. Thereby enabling creators to underscore key elements, to further enrich the narrative and ensure significant moments or features are emphasised.

engage users with video on multiple social platforms

Grow on Multiple Platforms with Ease

Cerebriam Studio increases your output by 50% by simultaneously transforming one video into four different aspect ratios including semi vertical (4:5), square (1:1), vertical (9:16), and horizontal (9:16.) Instead of spending hours editing the same video for different channels, you can now spend more time strategising on how to grow on multiple platforms.

Transform Your Video Into Semi Vertical (4:5) Format

Play Video

Some of the busiest content creators online are using Cerebriam Studio for content creation so they can continue to reach and engage with their followers on multiple platforms.

Why not try it out for yourself!

Semi Vertical (4:5) Video

No. Converting videos to semi vertical format with Cerebriam Studio will maintain both visual and audio quality. All videos are either upscaled or downscaled to 1080P High Definition resolution to ensure high quality with minimal buffer time.

A semi vertical composition with zoom is especially beneficial when calling attention and zooming in on specific details. Since our composition tools are designed to follow your input, you can be as creative as you like with how you wish to compose your semi vertical video.

Absolutely. Cerebriam Studio’s user-friendly editing tools allow for a hassle-free conversion of existing content to the 4:5 semi vertical aspect ratio, as well as the 1:1 square, 9: 16 vertical, and 9:16 horizontal aspect ratios.

Indeed, the 4:5 aspect ratio is popular and visually appealing for both videos and images across social media platforms, because both 4:5 video and images will display across 2/3rd of a mobile screen size.

Absolutely, Cerebriam Studio prioritizes video quality, ensuring your semi vertical (4:5) aspect ratio content maintains professional visuals and appeal. Cerebriam Studio’s semi vertical (4:5) aspect ratio transformation feature always render videos in 1080p high definition video, which preserves video quality during the conversion process, ensuring your content looks stunning, regardless of the aspect ratio you choose for different social media platforms. 1080p HD video also streams faster, meaning less buffer time


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