Increase Engagement with Quality Video Production

Storytelling is an integral part of being human. When you think through history, storytelling is how we have always communicated. From cave paintings to oral storytelling traditions and books; silent film to Hollywood; and the social media we currently surround ourselves with.

Storytelling goes beyond the creative arts.

Politicians use video to quickly convey their stance. Charities use video to call you to action. Companies use video to sell products or services. This need to have adaptive and dynamic video has given rise to the popularity of the free online video editor. However, if that video editor isn’t up to your standards, our you’re lacking guidance on what constitutes quality video, you could end up with subpar video, which could impact your efforts to engage people. So let’s begin with how to make engaging video content, and we’ll end with where to access one of the best free online video editor on the market.

Traditional Storytelling

Couples relaxing at home watching tv

As of 2020, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform online (88%) and Facebook is the second most popular (76%). It is significant that these two platforms are the most popular as they both share an affinity with TV/Film. YouTube’s content trades heavily in the story and YouTube’s aspect ratio (16:9) is the same as most TVs. Facebook—which associates itself strongly with the ‘story of our lives’ also often uses a 16:9 aspect ratio.

I would suggest the popularity of these platforms, the storytelling nature of their content and the use of a “traditional” aspect ratio are no coincidence. Our brains like the known and take time to adjust to the unknown. So, how do we adapt our video and our stories to fit new aspect ratios? A free online video editor will help you, but quality must be woven through your entire project to connect with the audience.

Honour your Audience

Beautiful sad Asian teenage girl on a dark background

What do we like in films/TV?

We all have different tastes, but we all like images that tell clear stories. The video needs to be shot so we know who is talking to who and who we should care about. These principles apply to social media content as well.

Be clear on your message. If you intend to move your audience with the heartbreaking story of a young child. That child should be centred and speaking to you, not lost in a busy background speaking in an obscure direction. By honouring the content of the video with a thoughtful composition you will have more control over the emotional reaction of your viewers.

Quality Editing

If your video is of high quality – from the script to the composition to the sound – you will move people. Whether that is moving people to purchase or to comment, as long as your message is aligned with every aspect of your video it will be a success.

Editing is a crucial part of this process. There are many free online video editor options that serve in different ways. From app-specific editors to device-specific editors to browser-specific editors (such as a Windows, Chrome, or a Firefox editor).

Cerebriam Studio is one of the most versatile editors out there and will ensure your content moves the audience—exactly how you intended. Try it for free.