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Hello, we make social media video production simpler with our patent pending m:atio technology

Woman creating multi aspect ratio videos at the click of a button

Welcome to the world of m:atio

Vertical video for Instagram, TikTok and Facebook? Landscape video for Linkedin or YouTube? Or something in-between like a square for Instagram and Snapchat ? Don’t worry, whatever aspect ratios you’re working with, we’ve got you covered. Use our patent pending m:atio technology to get: vertical (9:16, 4:5), landscape (16:9), and square (1:1) versions of the same video. Just click to make your selection, and we’ll do the rest. That’s m:atio! It gives you multi-aspect ratio (m:atio) videos, without any technical work on your part. You’re welcome :-)!

Finally, a vertical video editor

It makes sense to edit vertical video in a vertical video editor, right? Yes, we think so too. Cerebriam Studio conveniently enables you to see exactly what your video will look like vertically before you’re done and ready to publish. Know what you’re working on right from the beginning, and save time and hassle, so you can get on with other important work.

Man editing video in a vertical video editor
Woman being productive with Cerebriam Studio

Boost productivity

We understand that you’ll probably want to post the same precious content on multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. Our multi aspect ratio (m:atio) tool helps you make multiple videos at the click of a button. We also give you the tools to save the edits you made in your vertical video, and apply them to your landscape video. Yes, of course; you can then place and set font, logos, etc in the most aesthetic way for the landscape video. We’ve cut out all the repetition and in doing so increased productivity and time-efficiency.

Superb video quality

Publishing in 1080p HD video, provides sharp and crisp images, meaning great quality for mobile viewing. Give your viewers beautiful images to fall in love with!

Cerebriam Studio Quality Video
Man composing his mobile video shot

Great composition

Our alignment, framing, and aspect ratio tools allow you to create aesthetically pleasing compositions, making your overall video more engaging to your viewers.

Increase engagement

Vertical videos, take up more screen space on mobile devices, therefore viewers see more, and engage more. A well-made video, mindful of composition, messaging, and other things, speaks to the viewer. It causes an emotional reaction, giving the viewer the desire to like the video, leave a comment, share it with family and friends, or even save it so they can come back and watch it again.
Users engaging with video content