Square Video Recording with Cerebriam Studio

Make square video content creation simple with Cerebriam Studio. Square videos are popular on several mobile orientated social platforms including LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook Stories.

zoom, convert, and crop to make multiple aspect ratio videos

Mastering Square Video Conversion

The 1:1 (square) ratio has become popular on social platforms accessed on smartphones since the square size occupies half the mobile screen making the content very engaging. Facebook's and Instagram's feeds look more inviting with square content, indeed it was Instagram who popularized the square aspect ratio to make content more appealing

Similarly, Snapchat's Stories come alive in the 1:1 aspect ratio. While LinkedIn mobile users appreciate the clarity of communication messages displayed in the square aspect ratio – since the font in these videos is often larger in comparison to 16:9 horizontal videos. Finally, mobile Twitter (X) users engage better with tweets containing square content since the content is unmissable when scrolling through feeds.

How to Create Square Video

Upload media to website icon

Upload Video

Upload the video clip you wish to convert into a square format. Additional clips can be added to the project later.

Choose Your Social Platform

Pick your desired social media platform from the bottom of the screen and select the square aspect ratio from the available options.

Render video icon

Compose Video

Adjust the frame(s) and add zoom if necessary, and once satisfied with the composition and number of aspect ratios, click "Make" to produce your composed video clip(s).

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Why Choose Square Format?

engage users with video on multiple social platforms

Optimized Viewing Space

Square videos are prominently displayed on mobile screen, ensuring your content makes the most impact. By occupying a significant portion of the screen, distractions on other parts of the screen are significantly reduced.

Consistency Across Platforms

Content creators often manage multiple social media platforms simultaneously. Maintaining consistency across these channels is essential for brand recognition and audience engagement. Square videos adapt perfectly to various platforms, including LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook Stories - ensuring your content looks uniform.

zoom and crop to make multiple aspect ratio videos
fade volume on audio files

Create Social Video 50% Faster

Create up to four aspect ratios simultaneously 50% faster using Cerebriam Studio. Easily convert one video into four different sized videos including semi vertical (4:5), square (1:1), vertical (9:16), and horizontal (9:16.) Instead of spending hours editing the same video for different channels, you can now spend more time growing on multiple platforms

Covert your Video Into 1:1 Aspect Ratio

Play Video

Convert your videos to the square format with our online editor.

Square Video

Square, semi vertical, or full vertical video formats are a must for Instagram because it is fundamentally a mobile application- and all the listed aspect ratios make good use of the mobile screen space available. LinkedIn is popular on both mobile and desktop with approximately 50% usage on both. LinkedIn mobile users should be targeted with square videos, while desktop users will get the full benefit of a 16:9 horizontal aspect ratio.

Yes. Converting videos to square aspect ratio with Cerebriam Studio will maintain both visual and audio quality. All videos are either upscaled or downscaled to 1080P High Definition resolution to ensure high quality with minimal buffer time.

Yes, the square format is designed to be mobile-friendly, and is great for Twitter (X) and Facebook. On both these apps square content covers approximately half the mobile screen size.

Using Cerebriam Studio’s AI enabled online video editor, you can adjust visual and audio elements to ensure your square videos are optimized for engagement across various platforms. Visual elements include video clips, photos, and animated text, while audio covers three dedicated audio tracks for files such as original sound, voiceovers, background music, etc.

 Yes, Cerebriam Studio’s square video transformation feature allows you to easily adapt your existing videos into the square format, saving you time and effort.


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