Increase Engagement with Vertical Video

So, you’re a regular social media user, who isn’t?

In this blog, we’ll be talking about why it might be useful to find a suitable vertical video editing app or an aspect ratio video editor, to help you publish to different social media platforms.

Person filming forrest scene on their mobile phone horizontally

Regardless of whether you like sharing videos with friends and family for personal reasons, or you’re a professional social media user, an Instagram video creator or influencer, a YouTube video editor, a Tik Tok video editor, or a small business owner looking to increase online engagement – you want to make the most engaging videos possible.

Consumers retain 95% of the information from a video, versus 10% of information consumed textually. And while a good content and a powerful video will serve you well, if your video isn’t sized properly for your platform your message could be lost.

Have you ever gone on Instagram to watch a video only to find you are only able to see one side of someone’s face? Or conversely, have you ever gone to watch a Facebook video only to have a very small picture flanked by thick black pillar bars. It’s not engaging or professional. So why does this happen? Aspect ratio. If you’re not familiar with aspect ratio you should be as it is a critical feature in increasing engagement with all videos, but especially vertical videos.

Respect the Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratios landscape (16:9), square (1:1), and vertical (4:5 and 9:16) disaplyed on mobile screens.

Aspect ratio, put simply, is the proportion of your video. A modern TV’s aspect ratio is 16:9 (W:H),  “which means that if the width is divided into 16 equal parts, the height of the TV or picture should be 9 parts.” However, social media hasn’t made it easy for us. Almost all of the platforms use a variety of aspect ratios. The best video size for Facebook or TikTok is 9:16 (same for IGTV or Instagram Stories). TikTok and Instagram use a 1:1 square aspect ratio and Instagram can also use a 4:5 vertical aspect ratio.

How can you navigate between these various aspect ratios?


Vertical Video Editor

I suggest using a vertical video editing app or an aspect ratio video editor. These applications can help you transpose your videos and use them on multiple platforms in dynamic ways. However, before you put your video into a vertical video editing app or an aspect ratio video editor it is important to consider how these different aspect ratios impact your content.

Aspect ratio determines how much space surrounds the subject of an image. Your video framing tells as much of a story as your content does. If your content focuses on an individual or a conversation, a square aspect ratio will serve you better, whereas a vertical aspect ratio will show more of the subject’s body or environment but isn’t great for featuring more than one person. By having an easily accessed vertical video editing app or an aspect ratio video editor you can plan your shots in advance so that that they can convey your message appropriately regardless of the aspect ratio. The more your shot is tailored to a specific aspect ratio, the more information your video can convey and thus the more engagement it will generate.

Learn about how the Cerebriam Studio’s multi-aspect ratio (m:atio) tool, can help you deal with the challenges of different sized videos for different platforms.