Record Audio on Any Popular Browser

The beauty of a browser-based audio recorder lies in its accessibility. No matter where you are, or which device you are using, or what operating system you are on, as long as you have an internet connection and a browser, you can capture audio with Cerebriam Studio. Browsers currently maintained on Cerebriam Studio include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. With Apply iOS and mobile Android on the way.

Audio Recording Tools with Versatility

The Cerebriam Studio online editor provides a simple audio recording experience with its easy-to-use audio recorder.

Cerebriam Studio's audio recording tools are great for a variety of audio recording purposes, such as creating podcasts, editing music, and recording voice-overs.

How It Works

Upload media to website icon

Open audio recorder

In the editor, locate the voiceover icon timeline, and click on the plus icon on the opposite end of that timeline

Audio recording on Cerebriam Studio

Record audio

Hit the record button, and grant the Cerebriam Studio app permission to access your laptop mic via your browser. If you’d like optimal quality audio, plug-in an external mic before hitting the record button

Render audio icon

Add audio to project

You can review your audio recording while you’re in the audio recorder pop-up, once the recording is to your liking, press keep and it will be added to your project and you can continue editing

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Key Features of Audio Recorder

Trim audio with Cerebriam Studio editor

A Podcaster's Ally in Crystal-Clear Recording

Podcasters find value in Cerebriam Studio's prioritization of clear and undistorted audio. We use modern browser technologies, like WebRTC, to ensure that the audio captured is of professional quality, matching and often surpassing traditional software.

Musicians: Record and Edit on 3 Dedicated Sound Tracks

Musicians can record and be confident that additional tools such as 3 dedicated sound tracks, as well as audio ducking (or volume fades) are easily available in Cerebriam Studio. With 3 dedicated sound tracks, musicians have the flexibility to retain parts of the original audio in a video, live capture singing or other music, and add pre-recoded background music. Then control the volume at precise points for each of these tracks, blending the sounds where needed, to create an amazing symphony.

fade audio volume

For Voice-Overs: Record and Add Directly to Your Video

Voice-over artists, presenters, lecturers, and creators can directly record the required voice-over into the video of their choice in Cerebriam Studio. This feature facilitates a smooth production process for video creators who need to add voiceovers to video or image projects, ensuring synchronization, and time efficiency.

How to Record Audio on Your Laptop Tutorial

Some of the busiest content creators online are using Cerebriam Studio for content creation so they can continue to reach and engage with their followers on multiple platforms

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Audio Recorder

The WebRTC technology used by Cerebriam Studio features echo cancellation and noise suppression, which helps ensure your recording is clean. WebRTC is also used by companies such as Google and Meta.

Yes, Cerebriam Studio allows you to add recorded audio to video projects directly within the platform. You can even trim the audio you’ve recorded, reposition it in the timeline, and add fade in and out to edit the audio so it fits seamlessly in your video project.

The security of your data is important to us. Instead of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), we use HTTPS (HTTP Secure) which employs SSL/TLS encryption to ensure data confidentiality and integrity during transmission. This offers a more secure communication level between web servers and clients.

The simplicity of the Cerebriam Studio audio recording tools, is that they do not require any external mic since the application will ask for permission to access the microphone on your laptop or mobile device. However, if you wish to ensure your audio recording is clear and present, you can plug an external mic into your laptop and the audio recording can be captured through this external mic. You must make sure the external mic you are using us compatible with the operating system of your laptop or mobile device, if it isn’t the mic will not be detected by your operating system, and can’t be accessed by Cerebriam Studio. Lavalier microphones are very versatile external mics and can be purchased for £40-£60. 

There is no strict limit on recording duration or file size, although we recommend no longer than 60 minutes. Ideally you should record in smaller chunks, because each chunk also needs to be uploaded in our system. The longer the chunk is, the bigger the file size will be, and the longer it will take to upload.


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