Using Vocal Variety to Make Engaging Videos

When presenting in front of a camera, one of our biggest worries is the fear that we won’t be able to express our message or call to action in a convincing way. So, how do we make engaging videos?

Vocal Variety

Do not despair, there are many ways to work on this. The first step, is to make sure that when you’re filming your vocal tone does not fall flat; applying vocal variety is very important to deliver an interesting and dynamic pitch on camera.

Child Practising Vocals on Mic

Here are some ways you can achieve making engaging videos: 

Change Your Pitch

With each new point or thought you want to express. Pauses are your best friends as your audience will need time to fully understand your message and speaking too fast might confuse them and want to close the video. 

Pace is Fundamental

Enthusiasm is good but make sure your nerves do not take over your presentation so force yourself to speak slowly if you can. 

Try to re purpose these vocal variety techniques to the parts of the video that better suit them but do not place them randomly.

For example, pauses are great if you want to highlight a certain part but they should not fall in the middle of a sentence, unless there is a very specific reason for it.

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