How to Compose Video Like a Pro!

There are many styles of recording video, we’re going to discuss 4 of the most popular versions within this blog. Interview, Formal Presentation, Vlog and Demo are all commonly used across social media platforms, YouTube in particular. We will discuss and explain the best way to compose video for each of the above styles.


This will include 2 people in a discussion taking turns in talking. Once the viewer is given an overall view of the environment and both speakers in the frame at the same time, it would be best to switch between each speaker. So when it is ones turn to talk the frame will focus on them only and vice versa, switching at appropriate times.

Not only does this help to focus the viewer’s attention, by picking on subtle expressions of the individuals, but it also adds dynamist to the overall video. The cuts between the speakers add motion and variety, in what could otherwise be a boring single shot with no movement.

Two People During A Interview

Formal Presentation

A formal presentation can be a number of different things such as a lecture, corporate presentation or a workshop. The words are key here so we want to be able to hear what the presenter is saying clearly. Having captions appear on the screen would also be helpful to further put their message across.

If the presenter is using a PowerPoint presentation to help explain certain points for example with a diagram it would be good to insert a picture of this onto the entirety of the screen. This allows the image to be clear and emphasises points further to the viewer.

Vlog Style

Video blogs are usually with one person talking straight into the camera. If it’s a sit-down video it is often filmed as a medium close up. This composition allows us to see both the Vlogger and background so we are able to see an all-round view of their setup.

This is a good idea as it is a good idea o use props in the background to help bring character to the video so the audience can get a better understanding of you and the type of content you create.

Confident business man looking at camera talking about company strategy and business plan, explaining corporate success
Businessman Presenting a Vlog



This video is usually for people who want to show off a certain skill, this can alter depending on what you wish to demo. You will typically show your end product at the beginning, so the viewer will know what they are staying for. Throughout you want to change and compose different shots to help guide people as this is a demo video. Using close-ups and different angles can provide useful to the viewer.

For Example; if you were decorating a cake and showing a tutorial on this. Any detailing you do on the sides would provide a good opportunity to have a close-up. Switching between the different frames can help keep the viewer engaged as well.

Close Up of A Cake Being Decorated

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