Top 7 Tips for Website Optimisation ft. Giffgaff

Everyone who owns an online business knows this golden rule:

Website optimisation is fundamental to increase traffic and improve consumer experience.

What is less known, are the insider tips on how to achieve that perfect optimisation…

Together with Riaz Ali, Giffgaff Head of BI & Optimisation, we’ll uncover 7 tips that you can easily put into practice to optimise your website quickly and successfully.

Where Do I Find My Data? 

You might be a part of an organisation in which decisions are based on evidence. This data can be acquired in multiple ways depending on your needs:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research e.g. 1:1 interviews, focus groups or online surveys
  • Web analytics, data warehouse, and data from experiments


  • Using data to come up with a new hypothesis (idea).
  • Then building something that will test the hypothesis.

Experimenting 101

  • Data
  • Hypothesis 
  • Build
  • Experiment 

Hypothesis Structure:

Having observed… some data
We believe that by… changing something
We will see… a behaviour change
We will know this…. when metrics change

Here are some useful extra tips you should keep in mind when optimising your website:

  • 79% of people skim read
  • Simplifying your landing pages can reduce form errors and increase conversion 
  • GOV.UK avoids words not in  the most common 5,000. 
  • They target a reading age of 9 
  • 2 million adults in the UK have a reading age under 10
  • All adults find basic words and sentences easier to follow
  • After long words, users are more likely to skip shorter words that follow

…and Some Extra Recommendations

  • Make every project an experiment
  • Get your hypothesis framework right
  • Repeat this process as much as possible
  • Build a creative culture that embraces risk
  • Gather your own data, no matter how small
  • Learn from others
  • Keep it simple

Watch Riaz run through these tips in his own special way:

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