Fighting Nerves on Camera

Do you find it difficult to control your nerves on camera? In this blog we have the experts from The Pitch Process, give their advice on how to deal with the jitters.

Nerves on Camera


Preparation is a great way of calming nerves.

Knowing what you’re about to say eliminates the feeling of insecurity and allows you to speak more confidently. There are also many other ways to deal with nerves on camera:

Breath: take three long, deep breaths into the belly before you begin. Make sure they are slow breaths – you can count an inhale for five and exhale for five.

Keep breathing into the belly during your presentation to ensure you stay grounded and to keep the body calm and relaxed.

 Tense and release: squeeze all your muscles in your body and then release them to get rid of any unwanted tension. You can do this in a small way – clenching hands into fists or a big way  – engaging and expanding the whole body.

External focus: give yourself a focus, like an intention, or an eye line, or perhaps concentrate on your breath in order to get out of your head and into your body. This will help you keep the focus on your presentation. 

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