How to Create Video for Instagram

Instagram reached its 10 year anniversary this year, and as of January 2020, there are nearly 1 billion monthly active users on the app. An Instagram account is a necessity for your social media wallet. You just need to know which video to create for your Instagram.


More than half of the Instagram population is under the age of 34. With 18-24s being the largest percentage, the split between male and female is 49% to 51%. Instagram is used on a global scale, the US holding 116 million users, India at 73 million and Brazil with 72 million. There is definitely the opportunity to appeal to a whole range of users. Once you know who your target demographic is, it will be easier to target posts to them specifically.

Active Users

Within the UK they have an average of over 14 million active users per month, with 90% of them being under 35 years old. People usually browse through Instagram at an average of 53 minutes per day, this is good for engagement. You want to have a presence on a platform which has a daily engaging presence. Instagram passed the 1 billion mark for active users in 2018, clearly, there is a huge appeal here.

create video for instagram

Video on Instagram

There are a lot of opportunities to post different types of content on Instagram; using IGTV, Reels, Stories and of course your main feed. This allows you to target specific content to specific users. Stories and Reels are mainly targeted after a younger demographic as they’re similar to Snapchat & TikTok. They use quick or short term videos to provide only necessary information as Gen Z’s like quick information.

IGTV is usually used for longer videos (which could be anything longer than a minute!) This can be used for tutorial, short vlogs or campaign videos. Your main feed is essentially what people will see first when they search for your brand. So your aesthetics matter, the order in which you post, your colour palette, and of course your actual content.

Composition Guide

You can use one of several aspect ratios on Instagram and optimising your content in this way will increase user engagement. Instagram allows posts in 1:1, 9:16 and 4:5 verticles. The square is used on the main feed as well as when you focus on a particular individual or subject. It is comparable 4:5 since it provides more wiggle room and allows you to work with a bit more height within your main feed. 9:16 vertical takes up the entire space of your phone – used on IGTV, Stories and Reels it allows you to capture the complete attention of your audience. When you’re composing your frame try to use the lines of the objects in your frame (doorway, branch, arch, etc) to add strength or directionality to your video.

Small Business Case Study: Insta Like Over Under co.

Over Under are a London based brunching, coffee, and cocktail hotspot, with 4 stores and an online delivery service. If you scroll down to their first Insta post in 2016, you’ll see how they reached 10.9k followers. They incorporate video well into their page, in IGTV’s, Stories and their main feed. Their personality is shown through carefully slected behind the scenes (BTS) video which makes their Stories look fun. Importantly, it shows a homely environment you’d want to visit with your friends for brunch. A lot of their posts use symmetry and lines to break up the look of their feed. But they mix it up with other posts so it creates a fun aesthetic.

If you’re on the lookout for a video creator, Cerebriam Studio has a m:atio tool which allows you to edit  video in square, and vertical (9:16 and 4:5) aspect ratios for Instagram, as well as landscape (16:9) if you wanted to share the same content on other platforms such as YouTube and LinkedIn.