Filming With Mobile

Most people have a pretty powerful tablet or smartphone these days, so why get the best out of them? Devices released in the past few years can help create amazing video content without the hassle of having to buy a separate camera – but you know that already. So let’s get to the good stuff so you can learn how to film with your mobile. 

Powerful Camera

Most mobile devices released in the past few years have a 4K camera module, which captures good quality video. Phone manufacturers know this, and they want you to make the most out of it, that’s why they promote it so much in advertisements, (the latest iPhone has 3 cameras and the newest Samsung has 5!). Take note though, some devices won’t have 4K turned on automatically as it takes up too much battery, so double check your settings and ensure it’s on if you want to use it.

ios the operating system for Apple and their devices (iPhone and iPad). There are also operating systems like android, which can be found in mobile phones including Samsung and Huawei

HDR and Bokeh

In our YouTube video, we discuss HDR and Bokeh. So you can understand the visuals clearer we have added them here. In the image below you can see a software technique called High Dynamic Range (HDR) applied to the picture of the cyclist looking out to the blue sky. It’s challenging capturing a balanced picture of a scene like this because the sky will usually be overexposed, or blown out, so you won’t see it in its full glory. But HDR helps to bring these details back to the image by giving it a wider range of light and colour detail and thereby making the overall picture appear more sensational to the eyes. The Huawei mate 20 has some sophisticated ai based software that automatically enhances the brightness of the colours and contrast to help you create the perfect video.

Defined as computer-generated imagery to provide a greater range of light and colour, Bokeh, as seen in the video below is the use of a soft out of focus background. Both of these can now be done using your mobile devices.

filming in video
A Natural Landscape Showing HDR



Capture More, use what You Like

Filming with mobile was designed to be point and shoot, capturing those spur of the moment events. Sometimes we capture what we want, and sometimes we don’t. Try filming in 4K as a default. Then at the review and edit stage, you have the option to lower the quality to something like 1080p which is still High Definition (HD). That way you’ve increased the chances of always getting the content you want. If you want to find out more about great quality filming on mobile click here!

If you still want to find our more on how to film with mobile check out our YouTube page here!