How to Make Steady Video for Your Social Media?

We’ve covered the accessories that will help enhance your audio and lighting, now its time for shooting the footage. Filming with a tripod is a necessity to avoid shaky footage, it will look magnified during video playback and you really don’t want this, as often it can be offputting to the viewer. Steady video for social media is key. Whether you’re a social media content creator or educational video maker this information is relevant to you!

Is my Smartphone Compatible With my Tripod? 

The best thing to do is to eliminate any possibilities of shaky footage by using a steady surface or to invest in a standard tripod. These are great as you can use them with multiple devices, most of them can be compatible with Digital Cameras, Tablets and Phones. This gets rid of the fuss of having to have multiple tripods that are only suitable for one device each.

How to Use a Converter With a Tripod

Close Up of Tripod Converter
Close Up of Tripod Converter

A converter is an accessory that can be really handy. Using the sliding tool you can use it to fit a device of any size from a smartphone to a tablet. You just want to make sure the camera module isn’t obscured and then make sure that your device is secured in place so it doesn’t fall out.

Using a Tripod in Practice

Of course, we all don’t film the same type of videos, so our setups may be different. Within our own YouTube channel, we record sitting down vlogs that don’t require a lot of movement so once our tripod is in a position that is it. However other people may have a lot of movement within their videos, so you need to find what works for you when filming with a tripod.

Travel vlogs are a good example. You can use a smaller tripod mount for you to be able to put your phone or go pro on top of already makes a huge difference. So when you walk and record there is less shakiness overall giving us a steady video for social media.

People who record cooking videos usually use a few different angles to record. This may require a lot of switching or using additional tripods. Have one set up to give you a birdseye view and another for a side angle can help provide different perspectives for the viewer.

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