Need a Training Video Maker?

We all know that video has taken over as the best way to communicate and share information. So training videos are of course on the rise. It only makes sense to use a great training video maker, to help you achieve your best. Your videos should be designed to engage the viewer and help them retain information over time.

Only 10% of information is retained by reading but 65% is kept when associated with an image or video.

Selecting the Best Scenes 

The first thing you want to do is find the best selection of shots to show your content. If you were to demonstrate how to use a particular piece of software, a screen recording of your device with a voiceover will be the best way to do so, as the trainee can mimic your actions. Similar to food preparation videos, when being filmed overhead, the viewer has the same birdseye view as the chef.

Using a presentation would be best if you were to describe a certain product, where you can hold and show all of its qualities to the camera and be more interactive. Some thought and experimentation will help you find what scene selection suits the type of information you’re conveying.

Video Length

Short videos are key, anything under 6 minutes is great to keep your viewer engaged, after that they’re as good as gone. So you should make the most of this time. Plan what you want to say, ensure you only keep key information, you don’t want waste time with rambling, or worse confuse the trainee with too much information in one go.

Publish on Several Channels in a Click

You may also wish to optimise your content to publish on various social media channels. The general aspect ratio for tutorial videos is 16:9 as they get shared onto YouTube or your in-house virtual learning environment. However, your trainees may be spending more time on social media, and you may want to repurpose smaller chunks of your content to publish on these channels. Aspect ratios 9:16, 1:1 and 4:5 are the most popular on social media at present.  A good training video maker, such as Cerebriam Studio, can help you make the most of your content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Cerebriam Studio helping to sharing social video